The Gun Rap

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“When in Rhyme do as the Rhymers do”

The Gun Rap

My name is Gun
I am a lot of fun
Some call me ‘Nilla
I am here to chilla

Here are some facts
Seven to be exact
Guess that is the most
You’ll find about this host

I am a wannabe writer
And maybe a little brighter
Than you might think
While you let that sink

I will continue my rant
In the form of this chant
Even though I really can’t
Sing, dance or ant?

“What? Ant? That is not a verb!”
“I was trying to rhyme -erb”
“If you can’t rhyme, stay out of the kitchen”
“Why are you so bitchen?”
“Enough with the rhyme!”
“Fine! Now gimme a dime and lets get back to the rap!”

The three letters
Best defining my efforts
Photography, Poetry
And P…

“Oops, can’t say that out loud on television <smirks>!”
“We’re not on television! This is a written blog you dumbass!”
“Hey, you said ass! That is mighty sass of you!”
“Argh! I give up!”
“Great, now back to the rap!”

Well, the last of the three
Is for me to know and for thee
To find out
Oh, do not pout!

I am a non-smoker
And I like to play poker
No just kidding
Seemed more fitting

Now to end this rap
I had to fill the gap
And already told you more
Than I intended for


gun bw

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