Two of geese a-walking

“The birds are taking over the world, just like in that movie! Hey, that is just fine!” Gun Roswell

Two of geese a-walking

On the eleventh day of May
What comes suddenly my way?
Two geese a-walking
And their really slowly walking
I am thinking they are stalking
But I try to ignore them
As I am quietly walking
Into my phone I am talking
But I fear they’re still walking
And at me they’re really gawking
I am getting nervous
This song is not so funny
And it’s not even x-mas
Please I try to hurry
And not much to worry
Then i start up running
Are they still me following?
In self-pity and doubt I’m wallowing
Are they going to kill me
Am I going to be their dinner
But I don’’t eat meat
So it’s not a good defeat
I can clearly see it
Just some bones soon left
Then I run even faster
Maybe try to out last ‘em
Now this road is ending
No more time for me spending
On this stupid poem
Which turned out to be a song
With the two of birds
Birds of something something
Of the two geese a walking

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