Happy Star Trek Day!

“Live long and prosper! We come to serve!” Spock, Star Trek

Happy Star Trek Day!

We Trekkies will always keep on Trekking
Watching, observing, learning, burning
For the next new show to come on streaming
Fandom totally strong, that is certainly no jest
Whether we agree on the canon or look for the best
The story lines may vary, sometimes fun or scary
Cartoon, future or the past, Star Trek will last
The series now over fifty years old, still going bold
Or rather boldly, where no show has gone before
And happily digesting all of it, simply because; score!
Yeah, some might think us nerdy and bored
But we don’t care, as long as there is a convention or fair
Somewhere around the world held, even virtual cons
Trekkies have no qualms in watching that tube of a thing
Where even some of their favourite characters sing
Yeah, they really do that, even if we did not ask!
But never mind, whatever is going on is fine
As long as the Trek keeps on going boldly,
Where no other fan has gone before!

Happy Star Trek day to one and all, whether you are a fan or not at all!

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