The blue sea and the red sky

“The blue meets the red at some point in time, at least, up there in the high skies“ Gun Roswell

The blue sea and the red sky

It’s mostly in the coolest hues of blue, reflecting the same sooting emotions and shades onto the surface of the calm of the waters until the very edge, but sometimes even changing colours while raging in the shades of many kinds of greys.

But, when the night fall is upon, and the day is finally done, a streak of the most bright and colourful light will appear there in the midst in the very mix, which is nothing like the calming and mundane blue, rather in the colour of fire or rage, making it totally red.

It is certainly a spot, which will make you look, even if you simply love the sedative of the scene without too much of change in colour. But, this one, is a fiery one and it will only be there, for the fading moment and poof, it will be gone, until maybe dawn?

And when the bright spot of the day is gone, you do not have to be alone, as the blues and greys will always remain, shrouding you well into the night, without any fright.

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