Slice of Heaven

“There is a thin ray of hope in the midst of it all, somewhere there, maybe hidden for now, from most of the prying eyes, but, if you look really carefully, you will find, a slice of heaven waiting to be explored“ Gun Roswell

Slice of Heaven

Do not let the colours fool you, or rather, the total lack of it all. As even black, white and grey are colours too. And that lack, does not take away from the experience or rather in this case, the virtual tour, made out of an old photographic memory, from the very past. Which is in the here and now, made to last, in bits and bytes and all those kind. And yes, it surely shows, right there, in the middle of it all, this little slice of heaven, you were most likely looking for. Displayed real nice, so if you did not do so before, then now is the time to smile!

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