Snowed In

“It’s snowing, a lot!” Gun Roswell

Snowed In

Today, the snow fell, hard
Going outside, didn’t seem so smart
Even dressing up for the weather reminiscent of art
Opening the door, looking at the falling snow, pouring all over the inside floor
Trying to find a brush or shovel, before the snow inside turns into a puddle
Nothing to it, just some elbow grease and a lot of muscle
I really need to make it on the double and move with a quick hustle
And to beat the overwhelming weather
Trying not to get lost out there, so using a tether
Pushing, brushing, sneezing, pressing on, trying to stay ahead
But the elements keep fighting back in stead
More and more snow coming down
My face is not an upside frown, but one of a beaten clown
Removing all this pure white substance seems a moot point
And soon enough I am lost to the last joint

“Someone, please come and rescue me
For I am stuck in this frozen watery stuff, you see!”

Finally, giving up
Making my way through the trenches with a huff and puff
Cannot fight those damned weather gods
Today, is the day, you can say:
We are snowed in, hibernating, like frogs

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