Ride fast, ride by

“When riding on the streets, you cannot go really fast at all, so better keep that pedal sternly off of the metal!” Gun Roswell 

Ride fast, ride by

The traffic jam, always there to spam, those who would dare, venturing out in the crowd of cars each and every day, turning out to have become an eternal struggle, a kind of a bad game. The noises far too loud, but that is nothing compared to the smoke and weapon emanating from most these vessels, on wheels, pushed to move on by feet and pedals, but what can any of us do, if one wants a life outside their home to pursue?

So, why not try the public transport? Or a bicycle or even to walk? But what if it rains, hails or even snows, then isn’t the distance to the bus stop, going to be too much of a chore a the walk, a long trudging bore? And what of the speed? It would take double or maybe triple amount of time, before reaching from a to be and goodness forbid a place c! No, this will not due and the only option is to drive a vehicle painted in blue.

So, pick a good one, something with more efficiency with less fuel, and then, ride fast, go past, do not let yourself get jammed, like the rest of the damned, in the traffic jam.

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