Not enough Coffee!!!

“There is always room for more, more coffee that is!“ Gun Roswell 

Not enough Coffee!!!

The time of the day, when you simply want your big fat head to rest lay, alas the time is not really on your side, the reasons plenty to keep your eyes open and wide, but not even a smile emerges, as the urge to sleep, is too dire, and not even the house on fire, would get you moving.

So, the choice is obvious, or rather the cure, as this sleepy state,, really is a human ailment, something rather easily to be cured, as rest assured, if you get a hold of the strongest, darkest of liquids, known to human kind, the trust in me, you soon will feel, simply fine.

As this, sustenance, is totally divine, sent from the gods, up above (or wherever they just might be, looking down?) the cup filled to the hilt, then another and perhaps a third, not too soon, but neither too late to consume, the caffeine kicking in and then, all you can do is to dance and sing, and perhaps afterwards, do whatever thing needed to be done. 

Coffee, never too much of the stuff.

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