The smart cat in the spot

“The cats always choose their places in those spaces given to them, and then it will be their spot and no one else’s” Gun Roswell

The smart cat in the spot

The cat in a chair sat, just because it was apt to do so

For hours on end, would they time on the chair spend

Watching and observing all those passing by, like a spy

Perhaps true, and maybe even part of some conspiracy

A plot device sent out here to destroy the human kind?

Well, what ever the cat’s purpose might just be

It was not clear to those passing as usually 

A loud purr could be heard from the very source

As those who dared to pet the sitting cat on the spot

Were soon rewarded with an affectionate nod

So, whatever you might think of this very cat

Choosing their very own place in this space we share

The street, the neighbourhood, the planet fair

Perhaps even an alien invader but, then again

Who could easily resist a soft purr and a fluffy figure?

Next time, when getting all around in the hood
Keep an eye open for that one cat you should

As befriending them might just be the best thing

Even if it was just an ordinary common place being

4 thoughts on “The smart cat in the spot

  1. This post is a playful and creative ode to the mysterious ways of cats. The author describes a cat sitting on a chair, observing the world with a sly, conspiratorial air. Despite the cat’s inscrutable motives, it emits a loud purr and welcomes affection from those who pet it. The post celebrates the beauty of feline independence, as cats choose their own spots and do as they please. It also suggests that befriending a cat can be a rewarding experience. Thank you, author, for sharing this delightful tribute to our feline friends!

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  2. I absolutely adore this poetic portrayal of cats and their chosen spots! The idea that cats have a purpose or even a hidden agenda is both intriguing and whimsical. It’s fascinating how they observe the world around them from their chosen perches, as if gathering secret information. The reward of an affectionate nod and a soft purr for those who dare to pet them is simply delightful. Thank you for this lovely piece that captures the essence of feline charm and mystery!

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