Another bout of rain

“It keeps on raining, the weather gods having a field day apparently, pouring more and more of the stuff on us“ Gun Roswell

Another bout of rain

Yeah, it rains on the plains 

Just like the ole song says

But sometimes, 

Too much is too much and as feeling such

I am writing this, stuff

A complaint of sorts

To those powers that be high above

As to the why pour onto us 

The amounts of rain as you see

We have had enough!

The rain pour becoming reminiscent

Of the biblical proportions of the past

And we don’t know how to build an arc

At least not one taking us very far

The drains filled with water

The pots and pans the same

And who is to blame?

Guess us, we, ourselves?

Only I blame the weather gods

It’s so much simpler and easier

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