Me and My Shadow for Valentine’s Day

Posted in Celebration

“Just remember if we get caught, you’re deaf and I don’t speak English”

Me and My Shadow 


It was nineteen eighty-five
When I hitched a ride
Ever since that time
We have been tied
Like sugar and spice
Abbott and Costello
And what have you
I am still quite amazed
And feeling totally graced
That someone would stare at my face
For thirty odd years straight
So thanks for all this time, sweetheart
Lets try to make it to the next part
And add another thirty to the cart
After all the most important thing
Which makes you want to sing
It’s good to have that one person
Who will support you without a reason
No matter how serious
Or delirious
Life gets
I will bet
You will still be the one
Who I can rely on
To go absolutely
And completely
Bonkers with
Ain’t that a hit!


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