Manic Monday

“It’s just another Manic Monday” The Bangles

Manic Monday? 

Is this another Manic Monday?
Or just another January Fun-day?

It’s six o’clock already, but I need to drive steady. The roads are iced and if I drive too fast, I will get sliced. As usual, after the weekend, Monday follows and so does the mania and the panic. Rushing here and rushing there. A never ending story of this writer’s life. Or does it apply to everyone?

Just when I thought it was safe to say, it’s going to be a peaceful day, all hell breaks loose. So who cooked the goose this time? All was fine, for a moment at least, but someone unleashed the beast. And yet again, another fire to fight! Ah this poor girl’s plight.

Several hours later, when once again, I have turned into a hater, of Mondays, the sun has come out to play! I’m secretely hoping it is here to stay! I rush out, leaving my gloves and coat behind. Never mind! The air is much warmer now. After all, only minus degrees of two, so what have I got to loose!

Reaching the seashore, the sunrise to score. Enjoying a few seconds, because the sun beckoned and then… it hits me. The coldest of winds, blowing in my face. Oh how I really hate… Winter!

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