On the Metro

“Take a long ride on a short train” Gun Roswell

On the Metro

Eastward or westward bound
In an orange coloured train to be found
Riding neatly in a fashionable order
From the beginning to the farthest border

Hop on to one of the trains
They’re usually never too late
But it might feel a little bit of strain
To most of the time underground remain

Never mind the dark and dreary
Look out the window and you’ll be leering
The orange flashes reflecting from each surface
Paints many images on the fleeting canvas

Many a people climb on board
Everyone busily moving forward
Sometimes there is a crowd
And then it gets really really loud

When you reach your destination
Please embark the underground station
Look around the surrounding sights
Like a great tourist, you may like

When it’s time for the return trip
There is no need to bite your lip
If you feel like taking another tour
Remember, the metros run thirty times or more!

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