Choose your ride

“Take a ride on a bike, a moped or in a taxi!” Gun Roswell

Choose your ride

Choose a city bike on a days fare
Stroll around the monuments with flare
All around your eyes will glare
Once you get the taste of the city
Soon you’ll start feeling real giddy
And time is gone in a jiffy
But wanting to see it all
Even if you have to stay until fall
Now you’re wishing time would stall

If on a moped or motorbike you’ll dare
Don’t worry, there is no scare
Just follow the safety rules with care
And into the traffic you’ll ride with flare
Oh don’t you worry if people may stare
They’re just jealous of your fancy fare
Ride the streets wide, narrow or bare
You’ll have a blast, going so fast, that you’ll even have time to spare

If you’re feeling lazy
After a trip here so hazy
Then hop on a taxi cab
Moving slow or fast
Depending on your destination
There is no need for an explanation
Enjoy the sights from a comfy seat
There is even a cooler when too much heat
Soon, the city tour taken
Without even one leg shaken!

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