Shaping Your Story: What’s Your Angle?

Impossible Things Before Breakfast!

I took this blogging class, Shaping Your Story, in 2016. I did the assignment “What’s your angle?” and posted it on 9/14/16. I’ve decided to edit what I wrote and repost it.

I had started a specific writing project spring/summer 2016, a kind of personal narrative/memoir… Here is the edited version. I may need to cut more out, but it felt better than usual editing, which I usually find unpleasant and too hard.

What’s my angle? It’s kind of memoir but it’s about a job, it’s a loss, this program doesn’t exist; my angle is connecting with people with chronic mental illness, close to the homeless person you saw on the subway today. My angle is also about the space you get into when you’re with someone in session making a drawing, or when you’re alone making your own drawing. Not sure yet what makes it unique, what I’m doing…

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