Wild Ride I two

“Take a ride on the wild side” Gun Roswell

Wild Ride

Ride on the Rails

Ride on the train, in the high lands of Spain
A tiny trolley car, on its own traveling so far
Up to the mountains seen in the front
I start to consider how it really can pull of this stunt

Moving forward huffing and puffing
As there really is no chance to be backing
So, here I sit, enjoying the none to smooth ride
My poor derriere, on the seats is starting to slide

Back and forth, up and down
My smiley face nothing but a frown
But hanging on to the edge of the seat
No, not me, why would I admit defeat

I have come a long way to enjoy this place
Choosing this choo choo train train might have been a mistake
But I am on it now, and enjoying it somehow
Until the bitter end, but where else would I this time spend?

Finally reaching the very top
Nope, this trip was certainly not a flop
The view is completely gorgeous and totally magnificent
Ain’t I so glad to have time on this journey spent?

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