Summer chasers

“Chasing summer to the end of the world” Gun Roswell

Summer chasers

In the middle, of the coldest of winter
When the snow storm outside, makes you shiver
Your only wish, for someone to deliver
A promise, a hope, of summers glimmer

And then, finally, after so many months of sorrow
Spring runs by, so fast, you’re wishing it had longer lasted
But the seasons are for us only to borrow
And soon enough, the long awaited summer is here, with skies so clear

The lush nature and warm breeze
Nothing but sunshine as far as you can see
But nothing is as you it imagined
The dreams quickly turning against

Record heat hitting the fans
Something no one really predicting can
Days and nights, groaning of too hot weather
Not even the waters alleviate the aching fever

Now, sitting under a tall tree
In the shadows wishing only to see
The coal and calming white powdered snow
And the cold breeze as the winter winds blow

For you see, no matter how hard you try
It’s never as good as the fake memory in your mind
Whether the weather is to blame
Or simply the set of mind games we play
Who can really say

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