Day at the shopping mall

”A day on doing absolutely nothing but shopping” Gun Roswell

Day at the shopping mall

In the morning
Before dawning
The rain fell but it poured
Friday, what a dull day
It was going to be?

But then
A hopeful ray
Of sunshine on display
It would be
A good day after all

A new avenue
Just ahead sprang forth
Going outside
Maybe even
To the shopping mall?

Packing into the car
Still the drive is not too far
Easily finding a spot
In the underground parking lot

A hop and a skip
On the escalator chic
Into the wonderous world
Of shopping I am hurled

Glimmer and shine
Spreading before my eyes
A lot of things
Useful and the again not
But so what
It’s the shopping mall
And I’m about to fall
Into the lure
Of total and pure
Shopping bliss
I mean who could resist!

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