Two to four wheels at the time

“Rides of another land, can be different from what you are used to” Gun Roswell

Two to four wheels at the time

When roaming around the roads of a different land
Sometimes you want to try something else than to stand
On your two legs, strolling around might be a lot of fun
Or then too damned exhausting under the scorching sun
So why settle for tears and lots and lots of running sweat
Why don’t you try a different approach instead?
And hop on a ride with two or four wheels and let
These manual and motorized vehicles of plenty
Are simple and easy to be selected
Just walk into any of the road side rentals
Try and pick up the most suited pedals

Then follow these few steps
And you are for a day set:

Fill up the tank
Don’t forget your thanks
And like in the cliché movie done
Ride towards the setting sun
Like I said, this can be a lot of fun!

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