Lanzarote island revisted, 3

“You certainly will become a far better writer by writing and doing so, quite often, but you will also become a better travel writer, and can only happen, by writing lots about travel” Gun Roswell


Lanzarote island revisted, 3

Scenic, are the barren, and now frozen volcanic views
Just outside, and beside, the large ocean, so very blue

Here, only softest of soft and utterly fluffy white clouds
Has up there high in the skies, their dancing allowed


With so many palm trees everywhere, you think is all you can see
But look around, also other things of nature, in abundance, will appear for totally free


And don’t forget the most important aspect, of this impromptu travel arrangement, the sun’s shine, making you want to dance
The only and needed, warming, filling, even grilling, but mostly calming, sustenance

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