Frappe by the poolside

“Gimme coffee, any time, any place, and, in any kind of form, cold or warm” Gun Roswell

Frappe by the poolside

The warm summers day from a memory past, as I was sitting by the pool sipping something cool, laced with sugar and coffee in the warm winds haze, without a care of the future, only whether to dive in the turquoise waters or sweat for a moment longer, sipping on my drink, so much taller than the smaller cup I had at breakfast. But I digress, too little coffee I guess. The warm days of a holiday in the sun and then some shade, sipping from the tallest of glass, each and everyday, at least, a few. The sustenance which keeps one going and going and going, yeah, you guessed it, coffee, no matter what form, cool and calming (hardly!), hot and strong, so much so, that the spoon inside melted, and yes, all of these fine ways, can be done by the poolside, or by the table or even on the run, maybe driving too. But I would not suggest it, as best bet, is to never do anything while driving except keep your eyes on the road.

2 thoughts on “Frappe by the poolside

  1. Oh, gawwwwwd….ice cold coffee frappe by the poolside on a hot dayyyy.
    I’m whining. OK. I’m happy with what I have. Let the north winds blow a reminder of Winter. It’s warm in here. Still..being warm by the pool.

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