Night Signs

“Even in the darkness of night, there is plenty of artificial light, the signs lit, to the hilt, lighting the path of the nightly wonderer” Gun Roswell

Night Signs

Don’t worry about not seeing real good, when the darkness descends, because when you hit the streets, driving, walking, cycling, which ever format you may prefer, the lights of the signs, are there, all colours, shapes and sizes, keeping your path lit up without fail.

But even if they look all cool and making the rest assured, that the traveller will never fail on their path, stepping properly, during each pass, the skies will remain darkened, hardly ever light in there, as even the moon, may be hiding, not behind shroud of clouds, but rather, behind all the light reflected, back into the stratosphere.

And so, as a reminder, with all the artificial light scattered across the place, it will never replace, those wonders of seeing all the stars and planets, flashing their longs since dimmed light from a galaxy far far away, onto our paths.

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