Coffee, Life, What’s the Difference?

“The sweet elixir of life, whatever it means to each and every person, is different, but Coffee for sure, takes the lead in my book, without any strife!” Gun Roswell

Coffee, Life, What’s the Difference?

Becoming more adult, the tastes from when a child, start to develop to a more, subtle direction, at least, that is the general consensus of things, and not all do agree, as growing up and becoming an adult are two different things, and so, how we muddle through the so called life, well, that too, varies majorly so.

Getting old, means you might want to vary your diet and perhaps start liking certain things you did not before, just like life, right?

Getting even older means, you will stat to love the bitter taste of coffee without any qualms, black no sugar, no cream and definitely no milk, no questions asked, except for the one always hanging in the air when the liquid from the cup starts to disappear – one more, please!

It is totally reminiscent of life in this writers mind, as the more stale it gets as it sticks to the bottom of the pot, having been left for far too long, on the very warming plate, and so the more bitter the stuff tastes… and then what happens?

Well, the more you go back to get, well, even more of the same old shit!

And you totally see it now don’t you, the premise of this very tale, right?

As Coffee, Life, there really is no difference!

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