Wintery View

“The nightly view from the window, with the reflected hues of the lights, shining through the darkness, against the snow and star lit skies“ Gun Roswell

Wintery View

The night upon, no sleep for the weary, so what to do while trying to stay strong? 

Perhaps take a peek through the closed curtains, maybe there is something new?

Gasp! Sigh. What the

Does my own eyes lie?

All that snow!

Oh boy, and a loud Doh!

Too much, of anything, good or bad is not really a thing of which a song would be proper of to sing.

Even with the holiday season approaching fast, this, this thing, the white fluffy stuff…

It’s way too much!
At least at this time of year, and I fear, it will stay there for a moment too long.

And then, the spring months are upon and still, the snow and cold there remain.

Like the naughty and dirty large stain.

And whom of this all can we blame?

Ourselves I guess, for causing this overall change.

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