Footfalls, made by Soft Socks

“There is something about running in just the wool socks on your feet to the outside, the softness of the snow felt against the soles. But the bad thing is, the socks will eventually get wet, so there is that. Boots would have been better.“ Gun Roswell

Footfalls, made by Soft Socks

The freshly fallen snow inviting, there is no fighting agains the lure, of pure white fluff, the flakes falling all over the place, even the face

And when in a hurry, carefree and without a worry, shooting oneself to the outside, to the open wide in a rush, well, forgetting to put on proper wear, the care soon in place

As the woolly socks and the velour frock are hardly the best combo, for an outing around the hood, no matter how good it might have felt taking the first few steps on the fresh of the snow

Because after so many steps, the sleet beneath the soft and fluffy, soon turning into something naughty, the soggy socks, the cold and damp, setting in, shaking and hovering wanting only to go back in

Honestly, put some boots on, while venturing out there into a weather strong, as winter and all that cold snow, otherwise for days you will your nose have to blow

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