Summer Memories

“Ah, summer was so warm and light!” Gun Roswell

Summer Memories

Looking back, to the time, when the clouds were soft, the sky was blue and the weather warm
Looking back, with yearning, stomach churning, simply because
It was a time of elation, happiness of sorts, when only running around, in very short shorts
Never one worry of freezing or even several times sneezing

Summer, the season I worship
Summer, the time I can in peace sit
Summer, the state of light and colour
Summer, winter really has left me a bummer!

Reminiscing the good times, as always, that is what memories are about
It might have rained sometimes, been even too damned hot, but still I shout
“Summer, please come back again and as soon as possible,
Help me get out of this wintry white hole!”

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