Once in Winter

“OK, but only this, one time!” Gun Roswell

Once in Winter

It only happens, once
Not twice, three times, but, once
Once, in this time, of winter

Packing them out from the closet
Waiting, non too eagerly for the next step
Putting those damned things on

Struggling with the boot
It seems, my socks, too many I did choose
Taking some off, shoe fits like a glove

Stepping outside
Into the snow inviting, snide!
A pair of wooden planks with two sticks await me

Securing all them hundred latches
Now, I need some tracks to catch
And off swooshing like a true Finn I finally am

Yes, I can, but still, this is not fun
Pardon the intended pun
Skiing is a pain, especially up the hill

Feeling the thrill though on my skin
When going fast down the hill
And after a few more strokes, I am finally done!

The once in a winter thing, accomplished
Now back inside to reward myself
With a hot beverage, with some alcohol, hopefully
This weather made me feel quite dully

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