Painted Sun

“A water colour image or real life?” Gun Roswell

Painted Sun

As it rises and falls
It almost time stalls
A big bright fiery ball
Staring at it for too long
And you’ll too will call
Out in pain or more

But it’s so captivating
Looking at it stating
“How gorgeous, how fascinating!”
Why was I even waiting
To stand here watching
My mouth open wide gawking
At this scene so awesome, telling
Everyone should be paying
And all the artists painting
How can anyone look without fainting?
This nature’s wonder playing
There is nothing here faking
Only a star in the making

So, it rises and it sets
Never one day past lets
Always present in the sky
And each and every day i spy
The warming sphere
Never far but never too near

6 thoughts on “Painted Sun

  1. Luckily for us it has about 5 billion more years in its making as we orbit at about 67,000 miles per hour in a rotation of 1,000 miles per hour!

    My, what fast movers we are! 🖐

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