Up, up, up and then down, the Escalator

“Take a short ride, up and down the slide, also known, as an escalator” Gun Roswell

Up, up, up and then down, the Escalator

What is your choice, when you want to go up?
When the walking makes internal noises, and you end up with a huge huff?
Even when the legs won’t carry you all the way down
What can you do, but really put on a frown?

Is there a simple answer to this constantly nagging everyday dilemma?
OK, so this problem might not be high up there, as it ain’t so stellar
But what if you had a set of stairs
Where you could easily “walk” up and down, and even in pairs?

The answer may be quite easy and simple to implement
For, all you need to do is make a call post haste
To the local technically inclined stairway maker
And get for yourself one of them cool and fancy escalators

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