“Take a good look around you, there are lots of great experiences in the mundane world”
Gun Roswell


Not exactly a church to pray in
Nor a place to take a seat in silence
As all the people passing by
Make noises, some low, some quite high
But the feel of the space
Is nothing short of admiration to lay
Upon modern architecture used every day
Even the mundane comes to live
If you let your imagination fly high

Hanging from the ceiling or a trick?
The simple every day things hung up, quite slick!
The colourful bottles used for liquids consumed
At work, on the run or even with great food
The feeling of an artwork in a cathedral or a museum
Never fails to loose interest in something so awesome
The perception of the high in the room
Will make any onlooker soon to swoon
Here is where the mundane comes alive
And for me, myself and I, that is simply divine!

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