Look down, now!

“Watch out for the ledge, you might just fall, down!?” Gun Roswell

Look down, now!

Quick, look down!
Look down right now
Now, you see it?

It? What is it you mean?
Do you mean the ocean?
Ocean as blue as the sky?

The sky, so very high
High as is this drop down
Down, way down to the bottom

The bottom of the pit
The pit, which in you fall
Fall, and never up crawl

Crawl as hard as you may
May you forever down there stay
Stay until the rapture

The rapture?
What if the rapture is something nice?
Nice, as a slice of pie?

A pie you can enjoy
Enjoy just like this pit
This pit, where I now sit

Sit until the end
The end of times
Times which are so great

Great as the ocean wide
Wide as this beach here
Here in the pit
The pit, where I now sit

I see what you are trying to pull
Pull it real hard, as I am no fool
Fool enough though, to sink

Sink to the very pit
The pit which in you now sit
Sit together we will
Until the end of times

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