Sunday Blues in blue

“Sunday is always spent in the mood of blue, whether it be the colour of the clothing, the colour of the ocean or the colour of the sea, it’s all so clear, you see?“ Gun Roswell

Sunday Blues in blue

The Sunday noon sun shine, hit high in the above blue skies
Almost as high as did the cool blue waves of the otherwise calm ocean fly
But for the one, now dressed up in all blue, just for the sake of pun
The blue was more than just a dress code, or the blue bird over flown

Sunday was always the day of feeling bringing on the one specific colour
It even had that special and all so familiar odour
The one with hint of sadness, maybe even a touch of madness
But mostly, it was a reminder of an ending, even, whilst leisurely time spending

Despite all the moods, hitting mostly, towards the blues
Sunday was and always will be, the time of reflection of all the dues
And maybe, even some of the don’ts, but mostly hopes
That the new week will bring forth, something much more worth
Than a simple afternoon spent wallowing, in the total blues

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