Brick by brick

“Building something, brick by brick, well, isn’t that rather archaic? Or maybe not, who knows, just to what you feel is right, do it!” Gun Roswell

Brick by brick

Building something great and lasting, brick by brick, seeing the end result growing each time you lay another one on the top of the former, each time, the structure growing bigger, taller, wider and even stronger, is certainly something worthwhile. Something, which upon completion, is much more worth than a single smile. Well, at first, it might be that, then small celebration, of the arduous and long lasting job finished, and what was there accomplished. Maybe a wall of sorts, a fence around the house, to be safe? Maybe even the house itself? Some stairs to take you up and down wherever you were going? Or a small grill on the outside, in the garden to make something to eat. Whatever it is you will want to speak of it, to be proud of it as building something with your own hands, something which may or may not last, it is still quite the feat, even if a tiny cheat, while luring your neighbours and friends to aid in the process. But no matter how it got there, it will be for a while, and for all to admire, all them bricks on top of bricks.

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