Bubbles and the coffee cup

“The coffee in the cup is bubbly and looks like fun, so better drink it on the run“ Gun Roswell 

Bubbles and the coffee cup

No matter the time of day, no matter the state of mind, even if in disarray, there is one constant in the universe which will be the perfect choice, as a calming effect, a snack and even a beverage for the thirsty soul. So, listen carefully to the beckoning call, of that bubbling pot, making the lot of coffee for everyone to consume, and all this before the time is noon.

The key is in the bubbles. Look carefully at them, floating across the surface of the drink, and they will not sink, even if you will blow at them or mix the liquid with a spoon, because as soon as you stop stirring, the bubbles will be re-emerging. Persistent are they by nature, but the are the very nature, of the tall order in the cup, so do not huff, rather gently blow at them, and then take taste. The tickles in your mouth, will make you giggle out loud, meaning only one thing. You are enjoying the best cup of the stuff and isn’t that simply grand.

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