Dark Horizon 

“The night skies are turning darker and darker, but some of the light still remains, acting as a beacon marker, for those of us still wandering home” Gun Roswell

Dark Horizon 

The moon is arising in the darkness, out there in the horizon, but before it can emerge, some of the remaining light of the day, still lingers longer than it should, but it knew it would because there are still those, who are trapped there, not able to steer, in the total darkness of the night, so this lonesome light, will remain to shine upon the path for them, rather than condemn these souls to falter from their way.

And for all those who may be in the same need, in the future this same deed, will be done, as the sworn duty of this ray of light, is to protect all the passengers on their way to their safe place, no matter how dark the horizon will get, there will always be a brief light to guide. So, whenever you decide to remain out there, past the daylight near, you can rely on the constant of the universe, the light in the night sky, to be there for you and lead you home.

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