The cat and the faucet 

”Cats and water, do not mix? Well how about this?” Gun Roswell 

The cat and the faucet 

Water not the most favourite thing, of a proud cat who can with a meowing note forever sing, but when it comes to playtime around the kitchen, when others are busy cleaning and washing dishes, a furry feline will find, the perfect place and facet to fool around.

The running water of the tap, is as much annoying as a small dogs yap. The somewhat melodic drippety drip sounds, can be heard pretty much all around, the small house. But for the kitty cat of the premises, she will find it’s not a miss, rather a cool toy despite the annoyed looks on her feeders face.

And then, making the most fun of this newly found bliss, the small cat will make a fun play of it to last, until pretty much for an hour, no matter if someone else’s mood has gone sour for listening to the constant dropping of the waters now running down the drain, pretty much in vain. But that is a small price to be paid, for this precious kitty cats fun of play, as it is, the true master of us all 😉

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