Skiing along the snowy lake


“The sun is finally shining, so stop that whining and get outside, grab a pair of skates or skis and see where life will lead” Gun Roswell 

Skiing along the snowy lake

The winter might be harsh and cold, but for the dating and bold, but it still has a lot to offer.

It is as simple as if you are willing to put on some warm clothing, then picking up that most favourite sport thing, a pair of skates perhaps, or some skis from the old shed, where your memory has you led, of all those fun filled days of yesteryear, when there was no fear at all to try on some winter’s fun, perhaps playing a game on the ice or riding down hill a sleigh ever so fine.

But those days are gone now and you can feel it in the old bones., complaining and creaking and done place soft and warm seeking, but before you completely let go of those almost forgotten dreams, why not take one more ride, just along the frozen stream, let the child within run free for the moment, as not all life needs to be dreary and torment.

So, whatever fancy’s there for the winter’s fun, just get it done, before it is too late and filled your mind with regret will be from now on.

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