Snow and the trees 

”The snow falling on the trees and branches is making the forest look like an imaginary winter land, but not a wonder one though” Gun Roswell 

Snow and the trees 

The flakes are pouring down from the high heavens, landing all over the place, but especially on the tree tops in their race to conquer the world during this wintery swirl, nothing remains untouched as the goal is to get it all covered by so much snow, that those below, the dwellers, the animals the nature itself, will soon be in a white blanket laying undisturbed.

But a few greens here and there, dare to peek out from under the covers so light, while ruffling their spiky feathers, these pine trees will not submit or yield to the fight of the dominance of being under a flaky garment, not all over them anyway, rather letting these freaky flakes know, they are still there to be seen, at least, on some level, even if they would be, totally different from the rest of their surroundings, but they are only laughing if someone would say such a thing out loud, as feeling proud in whom they are, the piny trees fight back.

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