Snowy white suburbia

“Snow on the outside? Cold outside? Below freezing temperatures? What on world is that all about? Duh – Winter!” Gun Roswell

Snowy white suburbia

Opening the front door to a brand new world or so it seems, as if into some fantasy kind of a strange world, I had been over night suddenly hurled? Looking all white and crispy, with a clean and glittering cover on top, all places in the same shade, nothing dirty or misplaced, as only this gorgeous cover of the winter had been smote all over the globe, well at least on this part here, way, way up in the North. And even if this last for a long long while, longer than the accompanying smile of all the dire the cold weather front will bring with it, and the summer season is totally short, that will elicit a soft snort in sarcastic tone, as it can hardly be called a season, rather a sense of treason as it last so short, but the winter, well, it is still pretty and fun, at least for the while and in the pictures and poetry, perhaps also as an excuse to remain indoors most of the time. But for us tough Northerners, this is the way of life, and well, it might be a strife, but it’s nice to curl up inside with the warmth of the comfy fire right beside, and then do absolutely nothing, for a while at least, because winter, gives the excuse to anti socialise!

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