Winter sunset reflected

Mäkkylä Finland

“The sunset, no matter the season, is always more than expected“ Gun Roswell 

Winter sunset reflected

The frozen windows glossy and shining, with the last light of the daily sun, while setting for the night, but the last rays reflected there, on the glass surface as if for a spare, to hold on to the light a moment longer before loosing the fight to the coning of the dark night. Meanwhile, rejoicing in the reflections are those dwellers whom are tucked away safely behind the luminous windows the rays of the setting sun were touching upon, as if being sun kissed until the good night would lead them to rest, forever basking in the sunlight even in the darkest of the nights, at least that is the internal sensation left, by a few errant rays, leaving the dwellers in such a state of bliss, they cannot be missed by anyone the might meet between the setting sun and the riding of the beam of light until the very next morning as if to begin a new day even if there was no sun except that which reminded within, the ray of pure sunshine do divine it carried on in the souls of the dwellers below.

Mäkkylä Finland

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