Snow forest views


“The winter’s never ending supply of snow especially in the forest is amazing to look at, even if it seems to go on forever” Gun Roswell 

Snow forest views

Monochromatic are the scenes in the deep of the deep forest of the winter now seen, after the heavy snow has fallen all over the place, like a glancing on top of a tall cake it there stays, and covers all the trees tall, the branches heavy with the stuff, all hanging on low and tight, thanks to the icy cold weather hanging in place there, in the fresh air like tethered with invisible strings, not seen, but felt, with each breath when dared to venture into the land of wonder simply to ponder on the very existence of it all. 

But, once you are deep inside of the forest, walking among the tall trees, and eventually making a break under a few of them, the shelter quite protective and hidden, from prying eyes, simply to remain there and listen, to all the voices of the place, laying low and staying quite, do not to disturb the delicate balance, of those dwelling in there. And so, becoming one with the scenery, observing it all without interference at all, is the best way to see what really is going on, in the wintery forest filled with snow.


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