Fluffy snowy things out there 

“There is so much snow out there right now, it seems to be of an endless supply and piles upon piles of the stuff gets everywhere!“ Gun Roswell

Fluffy snowy things out there 

The snow just keeps on pouring down, sometimes souring and roaring, sometimes more calm. The piles upon piles are forming, all kinds of nice figures and things, for the onlooker to simply guess and imagine, what they are seeing. Sometimes they look like simple snow upon whatever surface they landed, but other times, forming all kinds of statuesque looking art works, as if someone had designed them just on the go for show.

But most of all, the small things outside on the window sill, are those ones most to admire as they look so totally delicate, that even daring to breathe close to them would cause them to collapse. The tiny flakes, separate but together in one place, are the fading art of the winter, delivered to us for this special time, only to fade away, when the spring returns, and before that time, a friendly reminder to just admire the art work, take a few snaps, before you work and be happy of the changing views of the day, as it could be much worse, or then again, maybe not.

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