Winter’s blue forest

“The forest had turned to a cool shade of blue, the hue when the night was about to fall over the tall trees“ Gun Roswell

Winter’s blue forest

That specific haunted kind of feeling, when it’s absolutely frozen, all in their place where they lay just before the moment when the temperatures plummeted after the heavy snow fall, now looking like it was by design to cause this time to stall. The magic of the place as nothing moves, not even a crow flies above, because it’s way too cold for any kind of sentient being to be about, except the one whom dared to wonder around, as the blues of the winter forest beckoned to get going in there, deep inside the blue and wondrous lair of Mother Nature herself, while peeking through the thick branches laced with ice and frozen snow. There might be a chance to get completely lost in the woods, and only being found when the spring would come and thaw it all, but not today, as the guideline to follow has been laid out in the tracks clearly visible in the snow, because nobody else dared to wander into the blue forest in the middle of a winter’s afternoon.

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