Some kind of Winter weather

“There is always some kind of weather going on out there in the world wide” Gun Roswell

Some kind of Winter weather

The actual chance of stepping outside and not getting any kind of atmospheric reaction at all, well, those odds, unless you plan to go to the Moon are practically zero as whenever you get out there, there is always some kind of weather going on, that is the one constant when living on this blue globe of a planet and so, we get to totally enjoy so many facets of the phenomena called weather, surmise surprise!

And so, on this day of writing about this marvellous invention, which keeps us mere dwellers on our toes, daily I might add, as during the seasonal changes, when earlier we had four, now it seems we have several more, like the between seasons going on. And now, as it seems to be winter, even during this time, we get so many fun events, starting from freezing cold up and to some warm green kind of summer-winter whatever might down fall.

Snow, that has been the one constant during this time, the soft and nice flakes falling down, and then on the next day, the heavy rain filled sleet, which everywhere seeps, until the very next day it will all turn around and slippery will be the streets and slopes all around! So, there is really no bore ever this time around as whether it is winter, it is not the traditional kind of splinter, as sometimes, the sun comes around and then, the green grass is once again visible until it snow again!

This is all certainly a fun filled merry-go-round to say the least and well, one cannot really complain, as it is simply, weather, as forecast!

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