Blue in the Winter

“There is always time for some blues in the midst of a crispy white winter” Gun Roswell

Blue in the Winter

Snowy and icy, sometimes even spicy, the winter scene before me, with all the monochromic colours of white and grey, but not today, as today, I am feeling the blues, especially, when the moment arises just before the darkness is upon. No matter whether it is the songs I am singing or the colour descending upon the land, it is a true blue hue of the moment, which captures the heart of the winter, not the calm and cold and crispy whites, which are the dominant ones for most of the winters time. And so today, celebrating this calming phenomena right there out on display over the sea and land, the magnificence of this state more than any one single person can stand, the totally painted skyline in blue, as is the colour of the snow and the trees, right there visible for anyone wanting to see, the blues in the winter, have arrived once again. And so, here is sit, a small being in the middle of nowhere much, admiring the view as such, taking it all in and start to sing my very own kind of blues.

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