City lights at night

Helsinki, Finland

“The night is a time to catch a glimpse to the slumbering city, lit up by artificial lights, shining ever so bright” Gun Roswell

City lights at night

The darkened places, where nobody stays at, not at this hour anyway, only a few strays, trying to make their way home, and then, the one who dares, to look for trouble, well, at least, snapping a few memories, of the city finally at peace, not really sleeping, but still, quiet and still.

And so, taking a walk around those streets, which usually are totally filled, with people, with cars, with life, during the time of light, are now sparse or rather void, of any kind of moving parts, as usually, some tend to sleep during the night, except perhaps a few whose work does not revolve around the clock.

The pix snapper moves on, catches the glimpses usually never seen during the light of day, and then, when all the empty space is spent, with a hint of a smiles, start making their long trek, back home,  as there are pictures to share, with those soon waking up, with the sun.

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