Something which remains

“There is always something which survives the harshness of changing seasons” Gun Roswell

Something which remains

The nature, something wild and untamed

Even if nothing remains the same, when seasons change

Somethings, will never yield

To the yoke of weather, no matter how extreme

Keeping on, hanging there for dear life

Surviving, no matter what just might be the strife

The pests of nature as some might call them

But in the end, it does not really matter 

These survivors of the harsh, will become so much better

Each and every passing season

Some say, this might just be even treason

From Mother Nature trying to prove being better

But humans do not understand

What the real struggle really is all about

As they are the ones pushing forward

Destroying all that which does not seem smart

Then again, who are they to decide

Because in the end, nature will always triumph

Long after the last human has disappeared

The weeds as they were once called

Have made their stance at the waters edge

Still surviving, even thriving 

In the summers warmth and winters cold 

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