Take a Ride on the Rails 

“Riding in a bus that has clunky wheels and are set on top of some metallic looking rods, guiding the transport to some predefined destination sounds like a lot of fun!“ Gun Roswell 

Take a Ride on the Rails 

The train and the tram, are both set on top of tracks without any kind of scam, their destination never faltering, only slightly halting, but mostly going back and forth when the doors are closed,  around and around never bound, oh yeah, I think they’re called rails, made out of stainless steel or some sort and definitely no sails, but their destination never fails, even if it really is not set, as you know, they go back and forth or around?

Alas, do not worry, simply buy the cheap ticket and hop on at the nearest stop, and if you should happen to miss your intended stop, no problem, just take another round on the tram filled merry go round until the perfect destination is found and get off, or then simply continue the journey all day long, because you can, as the ticket will last for the day at least!

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