Fuzzy Vision, One (SL-WEEK 26)

Photo Challenge by SYLVAIN LANDRY
A response to Sylvain’s challenge theme of, Depth of Field

“There is nothing worse than a sharpe image with a fuzzy concept” Ansel Adams

Fuzzy Vision, One

In focus or out of focus
It’s a little bit of hocus-pocus
Is this, the vision of one thing blurry?
Or something extraordinary?

No matter how you focus
Only one thing, is flawless
You see, the complete fuzziness
Is part of our trickery business

Look in to the photograph
Imagine your eye a spectrograph
The longer you stare
Something else appears

Like magic, the unclear
Becomes now very clear
Look even more deep
And you find, what you seek


6 thoughts on “Fuzzy Vision, One (SL-WEEK 26)

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