Local Book Mobile for the Daily Post

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Photography /Poetry /Humour

“My perfect morning is spent drinking coffee,
eating porridge and reading the paper at a local café”
Anton du Beke

Local Book Mobile for the Daily Post


When you hear the sound of the wheels
As they slightly screech and squeal
A vehicle driving down the small road
All the kids are quickly up on their toes
Trying to get a glimpse of the nearing
Soon all their faces lit up and leering

The familiar sound of the tooting horn
Breaking the silence of the early morn’
The biggest of all the coaches
As the local book mobile approaches
Soon enough the children come a running
And started has the pushing and shoving


A little while later
Only the sound of paper
Rustling, as the books have found
A solid ground
In the hands of the readers
Truly, the books are mind feeders


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